I have been a car guy my whole life, my first car was a 72 240z and I pretty much tore it down and built it. Also been custom building lifted trucks and fabrication and inventing which has now turned into setting the shop up for producing parts. I have been building transmissions and rebuilding hydraulic cylinders and fuel injection pumps and turbo’s for many many years and now will be selling the parts to go along with the How To videos.
2018 looks to be a great year, the shop now has a cnc vertical mill, a manual mill, cnc plasma table, new miller liquid cooled tig, metal lathe, english wheel, plannishing hammer and pretty much anything to fab metal.
Hope everyone has Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and i’ll see you in 2018 !

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  1. Hi Cody i just have a question I have a 2007 magnum made in December with a 2.7 engine and i have a 2007 charger made in February with a 3.5 and i will like to put the 3.5 to my magnum but, the harness from my charger is round from my transmission and the magnum is square do you know if the engine swap is going to work if i fine the harness but, 2008 o newer for the 3.5 so i can put it on the magnum.
    Cody i will be waiting for the suggests from you again thanks!!!
    If you Wil like to call my for advise my little more 480-519-2768

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